About Us

My name is Sophia. I’m a mom of 3 amazing children: Mila Jade, Charlotte Amber, & Gabriel Joseph. When I was pregnant with my second child, I started to move towards buying handmade bath/body/skincare products versus buying commercial products. As someone who’s a creative person by nature, eventually I started to wonder: could I make this? And thus my journey into making my own products began. After about 3 years of making and testing, I decided I was ready to open my own shop and offer my creations to the public. 

I make all sorts of bath & body products, but my favorite is definitely cold process soap because of the creative aspect. I love how it’s not just soap, it’s art! Every morning that I am cutting into a loaf of soap is like Christmas! It’s my favorite thing to do. 


In addition to beautiful and unique aesthetics, my soaps are such a pleasure to use! Filled with coconut milk and creamy shea butter, your skin will thank you! You’ll never want to go back to commercially made soap, I can promise you that. 


I also offer accessories to my handmade bath products that I actually purchase from other small businesses such as our wood soap trays and our LippyClips! So when you buy from my shop, you’re not just supporting my business but others’ as well. 

I really believe that if we all shopped small, the world would be a better place. 

Thank you for your support & I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.