Wholesale pricing is reserved for businesses/resellers only. Must have a valid website or brick and mortar store. We don’t require you to give us your tax id or provide proof of a business license or anything like that. Just a link to your shop or social media page showing that you are a re-seller or small business. 

You are not permitted to sell our products on third party sites like Etsy as we sell on Etsy & this would cause our shops to be competing on the platform. 

We make wholesale easy! You will receive a discount code to use on our site and can pick whatever you want; mixing & matching products! 

Our wholesale discount is 40% off our retail price. Please understand that our products are made by hand with hand-piped, hand-molded, and hand-extruded soap accents. This takes a ton of time, energy, expertise, and pricey equipment. These are not cheap, made-overseas items or items made using cheap bases. I formulate, design, and make everything myself, from years of practice and experience. I also price my items very fairly for my customers, so I feel 40% off is fair as my prices are already on the lower end of the market rate for what I’m offering. You are welcome to price the products however you want in your store. 

- Discounts, sales, bundles, and coupon codes are not applicable to wholesale orders. 

We have an MOQ of $250 for your initial order. For subsequent orders, the MOQ is $150. This means you must spend $250/$150 after the discount, or your order will be cancelled and refunded. 

- Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. 

- At this time only SOAP BARS are available for wholesale pricing. 

- We do not offer wholesale pricing for custom orders. 

- You are permitted to use our photos in your listings and social media promotion to show the full bar and all the details on the bars. You must list photography credit to Midnight Soapworks in the listing, in your social media post, or as text on the photo. We also encourage you to take your own photos of the products, especially for your product listings. It shows your customers that you have the items in your possession and builds trust. 

-Please note we do not offer “white label” wholesale. Each bar’s label will have our business name on them (Midnight Soapworks). Removing and replacing our label with your own will cause termination of your wholesale account with us as well as possible punitive action as it will be in violation of our wholesale policies. 

You can, however, add your business name/website to the bars via your own sticker or label. For wording, we recommend writing “Distributed by XYZ”. 

Please reach out to us directly via our contact form with the subject line of “wholesale”. We will get back to you after reviewing your info and if accepted as a wholesale account you will receive a discount code to use on our website. 

Use this template when emailing us:

Your Full Name: 

Your Location: 

Online Shop or Brick & Mortar?: 

Website Address (if applicable): 

Do you sell other bath and body products already?: